Let me tell you a (true) story.


How do you best tell a story? There’s no shortage of options, but the best nonfiction writers and journalists know how to use the resources, media, facts and voices that are readily at our fingertips.

I am an independent journalist. I earned my Master’s Degree in Health and Medical Journalism at the University of Georgia’s Grady College.  I enjoy writing about health, science, culture and research. I am most inspired to write about novel ideas and research discoveries that inform our ability to lead a healthy, happy life.

For the last five years, I was a writer, multimedia producer and social media manager for the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at UGA. I had the great opportunity to write about and tell the stories of research, student life, accolades and grant receipts at UGA. With more than 30 departments and an additional institutes and centers, I sunk my teeth into learning more about research of every kind and telling those stories with all the tools in my reach. I’m excited to take these skills and years of inquiry about research of every kind and put them to good use as an independent writer.

Browse around to see my résumé, clips, blog and contact information. I’m available for freelance and remote writing and multimedia nonfiction writing and multimedia production, as well as social media auditing and management.